2014 December Issue

Not a time for Sissies!

A coaster my daughter gave me says “Growing OLD is not for SISSIES.” Another one informs me “Growing OLD is mandatory, GROWING UP is Optional.”

It was my sixtieth birthday. The golden decade had just begun. Today on the threshold of another one their truth strikes again.
Age is a number my heart tells me as I watch a friend, who recently reached his seventh decade, gulp down pills. A pharmaceutical skeptic, someone who has worked with the older population for almost four decades, I ask “Why?”

“For general pain” he said “part of getting older my doctor told me” as he set two more salmon colored rounds for his next doze. Not one to deny the aches accumulated over decades of living, cracks and cranking that seem inevitable but over the counter analgesics do not always treat the underlying issue my mind protests. In the rush of everyday life we take little time to ask questions; after all we are an authority driven culture.

The message on that coaster reminds me not to be a sissy. It is okay to find out a little more about reasons behind the pain, dealing with the discomfort is mandatory, but enquiring into the root cause need not be optional. Pain is not an unavoidable part of ageing, answered only by medication. Many generations of conditioning has taught us pain is inevitable as we get older accept it quietly and swallow those pills.

Must we? Just because the calendar says we are at a certain number is the discomfort inescapable. If that was the case everyone who is old would be hurting too, wouldn’t they? Gerontologists divide the elderly as young-old, middle-old, old-old and the frail old. The first three are chronological categories the last one covers all ages and makes up only 3-5% of that population.

We put them all in one huge heap and create negative stereotypes and decide that is our destiny. 

It is such myths we hope to address as the Senior Support Services evolve at MaiFS. Questions we will ask because we cannot be sissies, deal with realities we must, that is mandatory but how we create resources is optional—so come help us—with your ideas, suggestions, volunteering as we carve out new Senior Support Pathways.

Latika Mangrulkar, ACSW

2014 Highlights

» Annual Fund Raiser: Asmi- I Prevail 
» Sixth Annual Walk to Stop Domestic Violence 
» Fourth Mai Bazaar at India Day Event 
» Sixth Annual Holiday Banquet
» MI South Asian Socio Cultural Orgs. Leaders Summit
» MaiFS booths at various cultural events including Miindia.com's Festival of India

Special Recognition: Mai Family Services received the prestigious 2014 MAPAAC Community Service and Philanthropy Award "for its tireless passion and commitment to engage in community service and philanthropy as well as contributed efforts in improving the quality of life for Asian Pacific Americans."

Social Outreach: Speaking Opportunities at the Multicultural Day at Blackwell institute, SAAN at UFM, Plymouth Gurudwara, Bal Bharati at Bharatiya temple-Troy, First Step etc. Chai with Mai informal gatherings at Rochester and Ann Arbor.

Collaborations: AIWA- International Women’s Day & Third Annual Leadership Summit, Balaji Temple, Network of Indian Professionals, SABA-South Asian Bar Association, Bharatiya temple Seva group, APIA-Vote.

Offered multiple Cultural sensitive Awareness sessions in the community (UFM medical students, UFM Social workers, Beaumont hospital Social workers, First Step, Safehouse).

Thank you Patrons, Sponsors and Volunteers - Holiday Banquet

The Sixth Annual Holiday Banquet organized by Mai Family Services saw a record turn out with members of the community celebrating life and learning more about the cause. The Bollywood night witnessed a grand spectacle of dance provided by Taal Academy. The dances captured the spirit of life and was carefully choreographed by Manisha Dongre. The DJ for the evening was Minesh Parikh who not only kept the evening alive with some great music but also sang a few songs that brought back beautiful nostalgic memories of yesteryear heroes. Ravin Bhandari captured the moments with some beautiful clicks. Suvai of Ann Arbor provided the food. Thanks to the numerous volunteers, the event was a grand success.

Meet our Advisory Board

Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is the Founder/President of miindia.com, the Michigan Indian community web portal. Anand is also a Commissioner with the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs (MAPAAC) Commission, State of Michigan. Anand was appointed to the MAPAAC commission by the Governor. Since 1999, Anand has been active in serving the Michigan Indian community by supporting various charitable organizations and also organizing community events to promoting arts and culture.

Anjali Anturkar

Anjali Anturkar, serves as Associate Vice President of Student Life at the University of Michigan with responsibility for financial planning, fund-raising, HR and legal services. She has a long-standing commitment to community services through her work in Maharashtra Mandal of Detroit as a president and Board Member and is an elected executive committee member of pan-American national board of Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal. In the years from 2000 through 2005, she has been Board Member of Vanasthali, an NGO active in rural Maharashtra for pre-primary education and women empowerment employing more than 550 teachers. Besides, she was also a Board Member of Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti, working to provide residential and educational support for 600 college students in Pune.

Dr. Bharat Sanghvi

Bharat Sanghvi has been active in Indian Community affairs since he arrived in Michigan in 1957. He has served Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation and India League of America - Michigan Chapter - as President and Chairperson respectively. He was also associated for 15 years with Ethnic (cultural) Festival of India held on Detroit River Front. Bharat and Jaydevi Sanghvi pioneered the Folk and Classical Dance Competitions for our second generation. They have also assisted the Foreign Students offices of local universities in helping students from India. Dr. Sanghvi was the founding member of the MAIFS (Mai Family Services) in 1986, then known as Bharatiya Family Services. He has served MAIFS for over a decade as a board member and vice chairman. Prior to his retirement, he was a systems professional and adjunct faculty member in a Graduate Business School. His academic credentials include: M.A. (Economics), M.B.A. and Ph. D. (Management).

Narendra Sheth

Mr. Narendra Sheth has provided leadership in promoting Indian Culture & Musical activities in our Community for the past 51years. He has made a significant contribution also in Humanitarian, Religious and Spiritual activities. A host of a popular radio program – Geetmala since last over 40 years, Mr. Sheth is an accomplished musician and an outstanding organizer. He has produced and directed many large musical programs and has focused on providing a platform for community artists to showcase their talents. For his multi-faceted talents and contributions to the Indian Community Narendra Sheth has received numerous awards and accolades including the prestigious “Paul Harris Fellow Humanitarian Award” and a Tribute from the Michigan State Senate. He retired from the Ford Motor Company holding an executive position of Chief Engineering Statistician. Recently in March of 2014, he received a special Tribute and Proclamation from the State of Michigan Governor Mr. Rick Snyder for his continued community services since last over 51 years. Thereafter, he also received the similar high recognition from the entire United States Congress. He is the only person of Indian origin who has been serving for the last 4 years on the Board of Directors of the very prestigious 70 year old Professional Organization Michigan Philharmonic. Recently, based on his significant contribution, the Executive Board unanimously appointed him to the position of Vice-President of the Michigan Philharmonic – a rare honor to the member of our community.

Perry Mehta

Perry Mehta is an accomplished businessman. He started FutureNet Group, Inc. in 1994, an energy & environmental, construction, technology, and perimeter security company. Today, FNG has more than 100 employees amongst four offices in the United States, and an office in India. Born in Ahmedabad, India, Mehta has always been a catalyst for change and a spokesman for creating a better community. Perry is Chairman of VYO (Vallabh Youth Organization), a nonprofit program that creates positive and constructive youth development and he is actively involved with the as well as an active board member to Mai Family Services. Mehta established a scholarship at his alma mater, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT).

Senior Support Services

Save the Date - MaiFS Annual Fundraiser

Upcoming Events

Annual Walkathon (Stop Domestic Violence)
Sunday, JUNE 7th 2015

Annual Holiday Banquet
Saturday, DECEMBER 5th 2015

MaiFS thanks GM Foundation (Asian Affinity Group) for their valuable contribution. Mai Family Services appreciates your support.

Stop Abuse: Video by MSU Students
Domestic Violence video by Raghu Alla:
This video uses the cover of the famous Bollywood song "Galliyan" from the film Ek Villian to portray an ugly truth that we face in the society today. It is about a girl in her journey through an abusive relationship from start to finish. The very expressive Shivani Bhagwan stars as the main character in this music video and the emotions really reach the viewer with a raw and honest feel. The video is filmed in the City of Detroit and is directed by the very talented Raghu Alla, while Shivani Rami worked on the makeup - both brilliant in their own ways. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siQjnNFr8_Q

Book by Veera Mahajan
Veera Mahajan's L.I.V.E
Veera Mahajan is the owner and publisher of a multimedia magazine Malibu Chronicle based in Malibu, www.malibuchronicle.com. Veera's book Learning to L.I.V.E. was published in July 2014. L.I.V.E. stands for Learning to Love yourself, Insist on Freedom, Victory over Victim Syndrome and Empowerment. 

Learning to L.I.V.E. is a powerful book which helps to recognize the signs of abuse. Supporting the victim to bravely fly from victim syndrome and land safely on his/her journey and finally L.I.V.E. Now available in amazon and kindle.

Please select Mai Family Services as the choice of your charity when you shop at Amazon. 0.5% of the price of your item will be donated to MaiFS. What a great way to help a charity of your choice.