We sincerely appreciate your generosity whether it’s in the form of a one-time donation or recurring commitment. Use our convenient online payment system to make your tax-deductible donations. Option to set up recurring donation is now available. 

You can cancel your recurring donation at any time by contacting us by email.

We are pleased to inform you that Mai Family Services has established a brokerage account to allow you to donate smarter. Donating securities instead of cash can be a very effective and tax-efficient way to support your favorite charity. Tax benefits include but are not limited to avoiding capital gains, reducing estate taxes, and creating a write off if you itemize your taxes. Often times in order for you to receive the tax  benefit we must receive the actual security, not just the cash realized from the sale of the security. Start early in the year with your donation planning as the timing of your donation is a factor as certain securities might take longer to process.  The tax aspects of charitable giving are complex and every circumstance is different. So please consult your tax adviser.

If you are interested in charitable giving, please contact us at so that we give you the information you need.

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You also have an opportunity to Adopt a Client.

Donate your time by offering free, Pro bono, professional services to our clinets such as Free Legal, Medical, Counseling services, Job placement assistance etc. To learn more, please contact us by calling our office at (248) 477-4985 or by eMail

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned opportunities and would like to learn more, please contact us by calling our office at (248) 477-4985 or by eMail.

We appreciate your generosity.

Mai Family Services makes a special effort to recognize your contributions at our annual fundraiser and on our website. Please let us know if there are additional ways we can acknowledge your vital support.

Our heartfelt thanks!