MAI Family Services Network

Mainstream Organizations:
First Step
Common Ground
SafeHouse Center

Local and National Organizations:
Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
Michigan Domestic Violence Crisis And Support Resources
The National Domestic Violence Hotline
State by state legal information and resources for domestic violence

General Resources:
Information about divorce

Free Mammograms/PAP Smears
Search for breast and cervical cancer. The Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) provides free pap smears for women ages 18 - 64 and mammograms for women ages 40 - 64. Hospitals in the area agree to provide cancer treatment for any woman whose tumor is detected. For closest location offering these services, call 800-922-6266 or visit the Website.

Charity Care
Nonprofit hospitals provide free or so-called charity care in return for the tax breaks they receive. If you are seeking care, ask about a hospital's program. Also inquire about getting reduced rate or a deferred payment plan. For further help, call 211, the Health and Social Services hotline for United Way.

Cancer Help
The American Cencer Society provides advice on health insurance issues for cancer patients. Call 800-227-2345.