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Usha Ram

Dr. Usha Ram is an obstetrician and gynecologist by profession and has been practicing medicine for last 38 years in Metro Detroit Area.. Her college motto was" healthy mind is healthy body". In her professional and personal life she promotes mindful living. Her deep interest in giving back to the community prompted her to join Mai Family Services once again, having served  as the founding member of the Bhartiya Family Services at its inception in 1985. Over the past 40 years she has served on the Board many service and cultural organizations. She has been a Board member and chairperson of Board of Trustees of the Bhartiya Temple. She was also in charge of the Free Medical Clinic established by MAPI. She provided countless hours of her medical expertise at the free clinic of St Joseph's Hospital and the Baptist Church in Pontiac, MI. She is a regular volunteer at the Free Health Fair sponsored by the various cultural and religious associations. She is much sought after to serve as a Master of Ceremonies for many social, cultural and service organizations due to her unique oratorical skills, multilingual competence and above all her compassionate nature.

Dr. Ram is deeply devoted to preserving, protecting and promoting her cultural heritage.She has personally helped many families in distress and is always ready to lend a helping hand.Dr. Ram is a long time supporter of  Mai Family services and now as Board Member, she is once again ready to uphold its mission of providing support to our community members in need.


Anu Gopalakrishnan   President
Swatee Kulkarni          President-Elect
Mona Sashital      Treasurer
Lata Shastri                 Secretary