STOP Grant

Mai Family Services has been awarded its first state-funded grant, the STOP Grant (under the Violence Against Women Act) towards creating an empowerment program for women including, but not limited to, the South Asian community in Metro Detroit. 

We are currently hiring instructors for our classes. If you are interested, please click the "Job Opportunity" tab above. These positions are PAID contract positions for the duration of the grant.

 A message from the Program Team:

The STOP Grant provides us with the resources to develop and implement an Empowerment Program, the first of its kind in our community.  The Program will include the following components - ESL classes, a “Job/Soft Skills” training program, computer literacy classes and a financial literacy program. The program is open to any woman of South Asian Origin who is looking to improve her skills in any of these areas.

Here is a short summary of the classes we will be providing:

1) English as a Second Language: The classes will support proficiency in the English language in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  

2) Computer Skills: Our computer classes include basic word processing, e-mail etiquette and more to make you a competitive job applicant for a potential career.

3) Job/Soft Skills: We provide workshops on networking, dressing for success, how to build a resume and nailing your job interviews.

4) Financial Literacy: Our program will help you learn how to handle your finances more effectively and make informed financial decisions. We’ve teamed up with corporations to provide workshops on financial goal-setting and money management.

Additionally, we host a biweekly support group for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing intimate partner violence.

Mai Family Services is humbled by the opportunity to serve our community on such a large scale. The grant allows us to expand our vision of empowering women through our programs.

If you are interested in learning more, or eager to be involved, please contact or call our office at (248) 697-9552.


Program Team, Mai Family Services STOP Grant