Our Services



Services we don't provide

  • Toll free and confidential helpline and support in multiple Indian languages 
  • Culturally appropriate counseling for:
    • Abuse
    • Marriage Counselling
    • Mental Health issues
    • Substance abuse
    • Adjustment to new culture
    • Issues affecting seniors
    • Grief and bereavement support
    • Workplace Challenge
    • Referrals to shelters, attorneys, community health resources, therapists

•      Awareness training workshops for    community members

•      Effective Communication

  • Immigration services 
  • Job placement 
  • Pay medical insurance for visiting relatives 
  • Help with bankruptcy
  • Finding missing people

Our Unique Role

We are the only organization serving the South Asian Community for crisis Intervention and Prevention regardless of gender, religion and ethnicity. MaiFS offers services with a holistic approach. 

Our case workers offer nonjudgmental, empathetic and culturally sensitive counseling and emotional support. If needed, a case worker or a volunteer will accompany clients to provide support, interpretation or assistance in navigating through the legal system by helping with paperwork.  Referral services are provided to Emergency shelters, Family Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists & Psychiatrists, Family Law & Immigration attorneys, General Physicians, Job training/ Employment assistance, and Social services.